Recommended Products plugin for nopCommerce

Recommended Products plugin for nopCommerce


This plugin displays other recommended products on product pages

SKU: plugin-subscription_nopcommerce-recommended-products

This plugin recommends products based on copurchase history, like a super-powered "Customers who bought this item also bought". When a customer is a viewing a product page, products that are - or should be! - frequently sold together with that product are recommended to the customer. The main advantages compared to the built-in "Customers who bought this item also bought" feature are as follows:
  • You can choose to optimise for profit rather than sales numbers. For example, 90 % of customers might buy two $1 pencils (expected sales likelihood 0.9, expected profit $1.80) with a particular letter paper, while 5 % buy a $100 fountain pen (expected sales likelihood 0.05, expected profit $5). In this case, the model would display the fountain pen first when weight by profit is activated, and the pencil otherwise.
  • "Missing" values can (optionally) be filled in, so that if product A is frequently purchased with product B, and B in turn with C, the plugin may recommend C on A's page. This is especially useful for new products, where the plugin can recommend other popular products based on just a few copurchases.
  • More recent purchases can be given higher weight, allowing the recommendations to follow trends and stay up to date.
  • Tunable parameters for full control

The license is subscription-based and will be charged on a monthly basis.

The full documentation is available at For help or more information, please contact