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How to install and configure the nopCommerce Fortnox plugin

To purchase the Fortnox Plugin click here


  1. Download the Fortnox Plugin.
  2. Unzip the zip-file and browse to the appropirate version.
  3. Inside the version folder; copy the Misc.Fortnox folder and place it in [NopRoot]/Plugins.
  4. Log in to your nopCommerce administration and go to Configuration > Plugins, click Reload list of plugins.
  5. Locate Fortnox integration in the list of Local plugins and click Install.

The plugin is now installed and it’s time to configure it.

Connect the plugin with Fortnox

In order to communicate with Fortnox we need the generate an aceess token.

  1. Log in to you Fortnox account.
  2. Click the user dropdown in the top right menu, and click Administrera användare.
  3. Scroll down to the list of integrations: Integrationer and click + Lägg till Integration.
  4. In the prompt search after the plugin by typing Majako AB.
  5. Click nopCommerce plugin and Godkänn.
  6. Copy the generated API-code and click OK.
  7. nopCommerce plugin should now be listed and have status: Not enabled.
  8. nopCommerce and the configuration of the Fortnox plugin.
  9. Paste the copied API-code in the Authorization Code textbox and hit Generate access token.
  10. An Access Token should now have been generated and displayed on the Access Token section.
  11. Restar your nopCommerce application in order for the access token to be working.
  12. The integration should also have status Active in your Fortnox Account.

Configrue the plugin

You can configure the plugin to make sure it works for your needs. If you are missing a certain configuration we are happy to help

  • Invoice due in days - How many due days a generated invoice should have by default.
  • Default Price List Code - An article in Fortnox needs to have a Price List Code. Check your Fortnox account which price list code the synced products should have.
  • Sale inside Sweden - Enter Fortnox sale account for sale inside Sweden (default: 3000).
  • Sale inside EU, VAT - Enter Fortnox sale account for sale outside Sweden but inside EU with VAT (default: 3106).
  • Sale inside EU, no VAT - Enter Fortnox sale account for sale outside Sweden but inside EU without VAT (default: 3108).
  • Sale outside EU - Enter Fortnox sale account for sale outside EU (default: 3105).
  • Tax Category - Fortnox Sale Account mapping - Map each nopCommerce tax category to a specific sale account in Fortnox.
  • Act on product low stock activity - Check if you want the plugin to act on a products low stock activity setting in nopCommerce (i.e. unpublish product when it’s out of stock).

To purchase the Fortnox Plugin click here